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Located just upstairs

Additional Areas

Since SECOND is located on the second floor, just below the Hotel Eventi, there is a mutual partnership between teams to collaborate on spaces for larger events. From the Ventana Ballroom, with its 16-foot-high windows and city views, to the breathtaking outdoor Veranda, floating five stories above buzzing Sixth Avenue, there's even more that SECOND can offer for you when working in tandem with the Hotel Eventi.

3rd Floor

Ventana Ballroom (up to 350 people)
Ventana Ballroom Foyer (up to 200 people)
Venture Boardroom (up to 18 people)

4th Floor

Invent Room (up to 35 people)
Invent Room (up to 30 people)
Verdi Room I & II (up to 175 people)
Verdi Terrace (up to 60 people)

5th Floor

Eventi Suite (up to 50 people)
Screening Room (up to 60 people)
Veranda South (up to 200 people)
Veranda North (up to 100 people)