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SECOND leaves a lasting impression. Situated just under Hotel Eventi, SECOND, is a bespoke events space for today’s innovators, creators, and business leaders. The intentionally minimalistic and warm setting serves as a sleek, yet welcoming backdrop for extraordinary weddings, fashion shows, live performances, bespoke activations, and more.

SECOND is where discerning couples host extraordinary weddings in the heart of Manhattan. Complete with a tree-lined terrace, exposed brick walls, lush indoor greenery, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a full range of amenities, SECOND plays host to couples looking for a curated celebration for their lifelong partnership.

SECOND is fully-equipped with today's leading amenities to ensure your presentation, meeting, or conference leaves a lasting impression. Additional breakout areas, meeting spaces, and room blocks are ready to accommodate groups large or small. Simply let the team know what you have in mind.

Among the largest and most versatile of event spaces in Midtown, SECOND can be segmented into smaller spaces, or opened into a large great room, with near limitless possibilities. Never simply a completely blank canvas, SECOND brings a touch of personality to jumpstart the planning of your activation, while allowing your vision to come to life.

Completely unique, SECOND perfectly captures the deeply personal nature of milestone events. From Mitzvahs and Anniversaries, 'just because' celebrations, or even surprise birthdays, SECOND offers a diverse and tailored experience to house and enhance those extra-special moments with those you love most.