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Unforgettable Photography


You aren’t the couple he captured last week or will document next week. Your wedding isn’t cookie-cutter, and neither is your relationship. Your photos should reflect what makes you unique, what makes you tick, what makes you quirky. They should showcase how funny, shy, outgoing, adventurous or playful you are. Whatever you are and however you craft your day, that’s the story Jesse wants to tell.

He's honed his style over the years that is centered around making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He aims to eliminate awkwardness or any pressure to perform. This allows for guards to come down, true personalities to shine through and much fun to be had. That's the most important thing.

Jesse is a New York Wedding Photographer, and he documents weddings all over this great state, in addition to anywhere else someone can drive or fly a plane. A little about him: He'd rather sleep in a tent than a bed. Hiking mountains is his preferred method of cardio. However, he'd rather be shooting photos than doing anything else. With Jesse, you're not only hiring a photographer, you're also hiring a person. A person you will spend more time with than anyone else on your wedding day.

He does things a bit differently. He doesn't stage fake moments, or rely on the traditional cheesy wedding pictures so often seen and shared. If there is one thing that he's learned after shooting hundreds of weddings, it’s that there will be plenty of genuine “realness” going on, and that is what will make your pictures meaningful.

We feel that he's a cut above the rest with all things wedding photography.