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One Stop For All Entertaining


They are creators. Together, along with our clients, Total Entertainment builds experiences through sight, sound, and environment. What drives them and what inspires us is making memories for you and your guests that will last long after the music stops and the lights go down. Not only do they bring your vision to life, but they have teamed up with the leading entertainers, production, and experiential agencies to make near-limitless entertainment and décor possibilities.

They go the distance for our clients. Their pre-production process is formulated to cover every aspect of your event, from lighting and sound to design and yes, the exact logo in the specific color and size that you want on your photos. You’ll often find them making suggestions for things you’ve never even considered. Their experience and meticulous attention to detail will leave you with plenty of restful sleep before your event.

Energy is created by motion. Motion is created by emotion. The thing we love the most about Total Entertainment is that their team cares a lot. They aren't satisfied with being ordinary, and they have more to invest in your event than you can imagine. Options include: Lighting, Sound, Games, Entertainment, Talent Sourcing, Event Concepting, Planning, Experiential Activations, and so much more.


instagram: @totalentertainmentnyc
contact form: CLICK HERE
phone: 201.894.0055